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Civil & Architectural Design

Our design work is specialized for construction of the plant project such as Power Plant, Chemical Plant, Fertilizer Plant, etc.

Tender Documentation, Planning, Basic Design, Detail Design(Soil investigation and evaluation, Pile Design, Structural Calculation and Analysis, Equipment Foundation Design, Structure Design, Pipe rack Design, Stack Foundation Design, Offshore Engineering Design, etc. all of the Civil & Architectural works are scope of our services.

​We have a lot of experience of the plant project in the world and have a knowledge for Design standard & code.


CEC provide the consulting business for construction of the Power Plant Projects.

1.Evaluation for cost estimation of the civil construction

2.Advise and evaluation for location(soil) of construction, Equipment Loading Data, Civil & Archi. Design documens, Construction Material

3.Attend to meeting for construction with Subcontractor and/or EPC Company

4.Construction supervising from Owner's point of view


Manpower Supply

CEC supplies the engineer for the plant design and construction.

They support the poroject in the world by extensive knowledge and uncommon skills on updated design and engineering work.

​PE (Professional Engineer)

USA, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia etc., we can provide Professional Engineer (PE) Works in the world.

You order to us Engineering works and PE works, it will be provided the services more smoothly.

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