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Civil & Architectural Design

Plant Engineering

Structural Evaluation

​PE Endorsement

​Construction Management

Civil&Architectural Design/Consultant

CEC has a lot of experiences for the civil & architectual engineering work for construction of power generating plants, petroleum refining plants, chemical processing plants, cement plants, steel mills, etc. in the world.

Construction Supervising
​​Manpower Supply for Plant Engneering

Civil & Architectural, Piping, Mechanical, Steel Fabrication, etc. a lot of specialist work in CEC.

CEC supplies the engineer for the plant design and construction.

They support the poroject in the world by extensive knowledge and uncommon skills on updated design and engineering work.

What's News

22 Aug 2016

Renewal our web site.


15 Aug 2016

Order Received.

Civil construction SV work for domestic Thermal Power Plant Project. 


8 June 2016

Order Received.

Civil and Architectural Design for Fertilizer Project in Uzbekistan.

1 June 2016

Order Received.

Owner's consultant work for Gas Fired Power Plant Project.

1 Apr 2016

Joined 10 new staff in 2015.

If you have a question for CEC,
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