Oct. 1979

COMMONWEALTH ENGINEERS CO.,LTD. founded on USD27,000 in capital investment, with Minami Aoyama 6-7-17, Minato-ku, Tokyo serving as the head office


Feb. 1981

Head office moved to Tomihisa-cho 16-8-202, Shinjuku, Tokyo


Aug. 1981

Capital investments reach USD45,000


Apr. 1984

Company is subdivided into the Domestic Architectural Department, Overseas Architectural Department, Civil Engineering Department, Sales Department, and Management Department


Mar. 1987

Built-In Kitchen Furniture Department created for new business Creation of Koenji Office at Koenji Minami 3-45-2, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


Nov. 1987

Capital investments reach USD90,000


Apr. 1988

Divisional system is introduced; Built-In Kitchen Department becomes Built-In Kitchen Division


Apr. 1989

Capital investments reach USD180,000


Jun. 1990

Established in Manila, Philippines Currently known as [Philippines Branch Office]


Jul. 1990

Domestic Architectural Department and Development Department subdivided into Domestic Architectural Design Department, Domestic Construction Design Department, and Development Planning Department


Oct. 1990

[Tamachi Office] founded at Shiba 5-34-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Nov. 1990

Founding of [Shirakawa Office] at Aza Yashikiura 11, Nishigo-mura, Shirakawa-gun, Fukushima Prefecture


Dec. 1990

Showroom for the System Kitchen Furniture Division is moved to Arai 1-2-27 (Haraspazio Nakano), Nakano-ku, Tokyo; the Koenji Office is closed


Aug. 1992

Commonwealth Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is founded, assumes control of Domestic Planning Department and Development Planning Department


Jan. 1993

As part of subdivision simplification, the Domestic Construction Design Department is eliminated and its business transferred to the Architectural Department


Aug. 1993

[Kobe Office] founded at Tamondori 2-4-1, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


Jan. 1994

Head office moved to its present location at Takada Baba 3-35-2 (Takada Baba Nagaoka Building 2), Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


May. 1994

Tamachi Office moved to Minatomirai 3-3-1 (Mitsubishi Juko Yokohama Bldg., 31st floor), Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture and becomes the [Yokohama Office]


July. 1995

Shirakawa Office moved to Aza Takayama Nishi 164-2, Shirakawa City, Fukushima Prefecture


Jan. 1996

Kobe Office moved to Tamondori 2-4-4 (Book Loan Building 5th floor), Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


Jun. 1997

Manila, Philippines Office name changed to [Philippine Branch Office]


Oct. 1997

 1. The existing 4 departments and 1 branch department are consolidated into 3 main departments,

1 committee and 1 branch office, namely: Management Department renamed the Head Administrative Department


 2. Head Planning Division is founded, and the Civil Enigneering Department, Architectural Department, Yokohama Office, and Kobe Office are placed under its direct control


 3. Quality Service Reinforcement Committee established established


 4. Built -In kitchen Division made a main office, construction department established


Aug. 1999

Kitchen Furniture Division main office is closed


Sep. 1999

Kobe office moved to Maya Kaigandori 1-1-2-903, Nada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture


Apr. 2007

Closed Yokohama Branch


May. 2007

Philippine Office moved to ODC International Plaza Bldg, Makati City, Philippine


Jun. 2009

Philippine Office moved to Office No.4, 2FL Cacho-Gonzales Building, Makati city, Philippine


May. 2012

[Kannai Office] established in Kannai, Yokohama